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Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 3–11

Get up close and personal with your favorite stars!

Meet your icons, get closer to fame than ever before, and experience the “Spirit of San Francisco!” A-List icons. Rock royalty. World leaders. They’re all inside waiting to meet YOU! Experience fame like NEVER before.

Step onto the court and shoot hoops with Steph Curry or jam on stage with Jimi Hendrix to experience the full “Spirit of San Francisco.” Sit at the commander-in-chief’s desk in the Oval Office… then chill with Taylor Swift! There is SO much going on in the world of glitz and glamor – come get the scoop.

PLUS we went balls to the wall (literally) to get you the ULTIMATE photo op… a ball pit! We get it – Madame Tussauds was fun before, but THIS is a whole new ball game. Gather your squad and come play! Wait! That’s not all. We’ve also added a flower room! Surround yourself with THOUSANDS of flowers in a whimsical wonderland. The Kardashians better watch out – with photo ops like these, your selfies are about to break the internet!